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Are you trying to move out of diet-land?

Do you want to be able to eat without fear, exercise with joy, and generally improve your relationship with your body?

Are you already doing this, but find that you need some help as you go?

Could you use the support of a BodyGuide??

That is why I am here!

Set up a 20 minute free consult to see how we well we will work together.

For $100 per session, you will receive the following support:

  • A 50 minute session by phone where we will:

    • Discuss challenges you are facing as you come back to yourself.

    • Help formulating strategies to overcome those challenges.

    • Cheerleading and encouragement when you are feeling frustrated.

    • Congratulations on your many shifts toward the person you know you are.

  • Email support between calls. *


Tuesday & Thursday: 9AM-12PM and 1PM-6PM (Pacific Coast Time)

*Emails are not limited in number, but with the expectation that they will stay within reason. We will discuss it if you need additional support.

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